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Custom Evaluation Editor

Premium accounts get access to our fully custom evaluation writer. Write your evaluation with confidence, knowing that the most common errors will be pointed out to you. Save yourself time turning it in by doing it right the first time. Use our searchable database of prewritten bullets to speed you right through writer's block.

Using our evaluation editor, you'll have access to everything you need all in one spot. The related brag sheet, a thesaurus, all of the Sailor's information. No more bouncing between screens and using an outdated program.

When you're done, download an evaluation or an entire group to an Excel file. We'll show you how to import it to NavFit98a.

Real Time Validation

As a bonus: we validate every single evaluation block in real time and provide the excerpt from the instruction to make sure you reduce your little mistakes to zero. Forget telling the program to do it, we've got you covered as you type.

Reasonable Pricing

Pricing that fits an budget or time line. Monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscriptions ring in as low as a dollar a month.

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Write it Down

Record what you do every day using an easy to use #tag system similar to hashtags. No more poring through old log books: we'll take care of the little things.

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Create Brag Sheets

Write a top quality brag sheet when it's time using all of the information you've gathered over the year. All of your accomplishments are always available, year round, from everywhere in the world.

Single point of information.


Stay organized and see how your subordinates are doing by creating a work center. Provide constant feedback using a fully customizable grading system.

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Created specifically for the Armed Forces to simplify writing brag sheets

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